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There’s Someone for Everyone…

You just have to ‘Meet’ them.

What if it was just that simple? Well now it is on We believe the way to finding that special someone is to actually get opportunities to meet them.

At MeetAt6, it’s simple: Meet Online…Meet At ‘Date Ups’…Find Love!
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The M@6 Difference

Unlike other dating sites that just give advice on great dates, MeetAt6 creates all the dates or ‘Date Ups’ for our members. We’ve partnered with your cities best venues and hot spots to create all kinds of awesome ‘Date Up’ experiences.

Speed Dating, Salsa Lessons, Segway Tours, Cooking Classes, Wine Tastings, Dinner Cruises, Live Music, Sporting Events, Dance Parties, and more!

All you have to do is review the list, invite another MeetAt6 member along, RSVP for the ‘Date Up’ you’d like to attend, and have a great time getting to know each other.

And because all “Date Ups” are FREE, you’ll have the comfort of being able to be yourself and truly get to know that person without any pressure or nervousness…like who’s going to pay!

The future of Online Dating is being able to meet someone in a fun, safe, interactive group setting. MeetAt6 gives you that Social Online Dating experience and more! Get started today and Join for only $49 a year with our Introductory MeetAt6 Plus Membership until December 31st 2012.
How M@6 Works

The future of Online Dating is being able to meet someone in a fun, safe, interactive group setting. MeetAt6 gives you that Social Online Dating experience and more to find love.

On MeetAt6 you can leave messages, make friends…who can become potential ‘Date Up’ dates, upload pictures and video to enhance your profile, make comments, and much more.

With your subscribed membership, you get access to our ‘Date Up’ list, Video Chat app, and more. On MeetAt6 we give you the opportunity to set up your own personal Video Chat dates. Video let’s you get to know the person before and after your date.

The Advice Corner

It's the Little Stupid Things That Count (in Credit That is…)

These days is seems that most people like drama, which is why reality TV is so popular. I don't have time for it ....except when it comes to credit.

Credit is often different in practice than what WE think is "common sense." The little things DO matter very much. For example, driving through a toll can be costly to your credit. It may seem little, paying that stupid $.80 toll, but that violation can cost you fines, collections and perhaps even a judgment for severe violators. Same goes for feeding the meter. Was that $50 ticket worth it, when you could have dropped a few stupid quarters? By the way, collections for unpaid tickets report to Transunion as well.

Paying those silly minimum payments can be a pain, but I can't tell you how many people ruin their credit for $25. A 30-day late can drop your scores as much as 100 points! And medical bills or co-pays -- just make a payment arrangement for goodness sake! Don't wait until it hits your report to deal with it.

Remember, if you have time to watch a reality TV show, then you have enough time to put a little more effort towards better management of your credit.
lisa%20pro Lisa D. Gavin, President & Co-Founder CBI Network and CBI Solutions Group

Lisa Gavin is a credit consultant, coach and speaker who has dedicated the last 10 years to developing individuals through the strategic use and understanding of credit. As president of CBI Education Network, Lisa’s goal is to make credit education the norm and not the exception through DVD’s, eBooks, Seminars, and other medium -outlets. Lisa’s direct consulting experience with over 13,000 clients makes her credit knowledge and passion for the subject unparalleled. To learn more, visit